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Maintaining a well-kept image and building is critical to overall success and client satisfaction. MoeClean, LLC is proud to help your large-scale business or establishment achieve proper health and safety standards with efficiency and ease. Take advantage of our wholesale LittleMoe AutoSpray 2020 carpet cleaning options and watch all your floors sparkle!

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A janitor cleans a building’s floors.

Withstands Consistent Daily Use

Large operations housing lots of people can lead to several messes. In order to impress clients, office buildings, lobbies, and similar establishments need to project an image of organization and professionalism. This is best achieved with the LittleMoe AutoSpray 2020 carpet cleaning machine — purchase wholesale now and clean every square foot of carpet daily with this light-weight device.

A hospital lobby with clean doormats and floors.

Long-Lasting Durability

Saving money without sacrificing quality allows any business to spend their time focusing on more important tasks. With this in mind, MoeClean, LLC’s wholesale carpet cleaning machines are built with heavy-duty ½ HP industrial motors capable of giving you consistent cleans for years to come. This eliminates the need for expensive replacements and prolongs the life of your now-sanitized, dry floors.

A school classroom with clean floors.

Ideal For High-Traffic Environments

Heavy foot-traffic areas are guaranteed to become more dirty in a short amount of time. Environments like schools and hospitals are obligated to keep students and patients healthy, and the LittleMoe AutoSpray 2020 carpet cleaning machine can help. Available wholesale, janitors and other cleaning staff can keep your floors spotless with our removable lint tray and easy-clean up.

A clean office hallway.

High-Quality Results Every Time

Enjoy instant results when using MoeClean’s light-weight, reliable carpet cleaning machines. Your client, colleagues and patrons can visually see how seriously you take sanitation when you consistently use the LittleMoe AutoSpray 2020. Easy to store and to use, buying these cleaning tools wholesale ensures your entire building will look pristine no matter what day of the week.

MoeClean is dedicated to helping all our clients remain successful. Our wholesale pricing options are perfect for hospitals, schools, offices and other locations who need to keep a large area clean. Contact us today to learn more about our carpet cleaning machines!

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