CRB Carpet Cleaner Services

Moe-Clean System

LittleMoe, in combination with the Moe-Cart, is the fastest and easiest way to achieve beautiful results when cleaning commercial carpets. This combination is ideally suited for facilities with multiple carpeted rooms like schools and places of worship. It is also perfect for facilities with long, carpeted corridors or large open areas like convention spaces, health care facilities, or high-rise office buildings. LittleMoe is so named because it uses very little moisture to produce amazing results. LittleMoe’s robust design and ease of use make it ideal for both the novice and professional alike. 
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LittleMoe Industrial

When customers operate in environments that demand durability. They need equipment that will continue to perform through the rigors of continuous daily use. When they depend on their equipment to last years rather than months, they choose LittleMoe.  Click to download PDF


Expand your cleaning capacity beyond pump sprayers and tiny two-gallon tanks. The Moe-Cart is the single most dramatic way to increase the productivity of all counter rotating cylindrical brush carpet cleaners.
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Moe-Jo Carpet Spotter

Specially Formulated to Eliminate reappearing spots.
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Moe-Jo Earth-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solution

You can actually see it working! Moe-Jo Carpet Cleaning Solution contains a light foaming agent to serve as a visual reference to keep from over wetting the carpet. It’s just one more way MoeClean simplify’s carpet cleaning.
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