LittleMoe’s Features

Meet LittleMoe: The Carpet Cleaning Game-Changer

shop-littleMoeLittleMoe was designed with the sole purpose of improving productivity and sustainability. Low-moisture carpet cleaning has made improvements in chemistry over the years. By contrast, equipment for this type of cleaning hasn’t kept pace. Little Moe is the answer to current inefficient and unproductive low-moisture machines.

A Better Motor
Other dual-brush machines use light-duty motors meant for short run times, like those used in drills and other hand tools. When used institutionally, these types of motors fail prematurely. By contrast, Little Moe employs a heavy duty 1/2 hp brushless industrial motor, ensuring years of reliable service—regardless of run time.


feature-handleErgonomic Handle

Provides easy operation while using Little Moe.


Quick-Connect feature

Frees Little Moe from having to rely on small, less productive 2-gallon solution tanks.


Flow Control

Enables you to adjust the amount
of moisture required for optimal cleaning.


Detachable Center Debris Tray

Easily detaches for quick cleaning.


Quick-Counter-Rotating Brushes

Gives the user the impression that LittleMoe floats on air.


Built In “Never-Crush”

Built-in “Never Crush” kickstand keeps brushes safe while leaving LittleMoe unattended.