Moe-Jo Family of Chemistry

Eliminate the need for traffic lane cleaners, de-foamers and rinsing agents with environmentally preferable cleaning solutions that will never leave a residue.

Moe-Jo Spotter: The easy way to clean spots on carpet
Tired of getting on your hands and knees to clean spots and spills from carpet? Moe-Jo Carpet Spotter enables you to spray the spot, brush it with the Moe Stick and watch the spot disappear. That’s all there is to it.

Moe-Jo Carpet Cleaning Solution
Moe-Jo Carpet Cleaning Solution contains a light foaming agent to serve as a visual reference to keep from over wetting the carpet. Just one more way MoeClean has simplified carpet cleaning.

Moe-Jo GSC
Increasingly, customers need proof that the products used in their buildings are actually environmentally preferable. For that reason, MoeClean has requested and received Green Seal Certification for Moe-Jo GSC. This provides the credible back up documentation needed by many of today’s conscientious organizations.

21st century technology
The Moe-Jo family of chemistry works synergistically with Little Moe to remove dirt and grime from the carpet fiber leaving a fresh clean appearance. With a dilution rate of only 4oz. per gallon, a container of Moe-Jo will clean up to 20,000 Sqft.

How It Works

LittleMoe is designed specifically for encapsulation chemistry. There are many great brands currently available, but they are not all equally effective. Start off right by using GREEN chemistry certified by Green Seal.

1. For Carpets that Rapidly Resoil

Rapid re-soiling can often be caused by leaving the carpet too wet or by chemical residue that has been left in the carpet from previous cleanings. LittleMoe is the solution to both these problems.

2. Method for Successful Restoration

Carpets cleaned by the old ” pre-spray and extract” method often get to a point where they wick back a gray haze very quickly after cleaning. LittleMoe magically removes this residue as if its an eraser for carpet.

3. Restoring Stubborn Carpets

In extreme cases, carpets may develop a gray haze due to a buildup of cleaning residue left over from other machines. This too can be removed by regular use of LittleMoe.

Restoring Carpet that No Longer Responds to Conventional Cleaning

Many times facility managers replace carpet when it no longer responds to cleaning. Meaning that it looks dirty very shortly after cleaning. If the carpet is structurally sound, it can usually be restored with LittleMoe in cooperation with extraction. Simply apply the encapsulation chemistry with LittleMoe and extract with plain water. it is common in these extreme cases to experience wick-back the following day. This is to be expected. Now that much of the residue has been removed, use LittleMoe and this should provide excellent results. Once restored, you can just use LittleMoe for your future cleanings.